by Zoe Hatziyannaki

University: Goldsmiths College of London, UK
Course: PhD
Year of graduation: 2010
Thesis: Fleeting Island: The Production of Space in Santorini
Contacts: info[at]zoehatziyannaki[dot]com | website


Abstract: This thesis seeks to study and understand the complex ways that space is produced in the island of Santorini, Greece. The multiple parameters involved in the production of space require the inclusion and collaboration of both theoretical and practical methods such as video and photography. The understanding of the formation and operation of these parameters may allow for the recognition of space as mobile (concurrent with time) and as a totality composed by various associations and interplays. The denunciation of space as fixed and fragmentary could thus possibly discourage practices of general classifications and representations of a place which often hinder the unfolding of its enormous multiform potential. This research tries to explore the ways that space is stratified in Santorini and see into different ways of thinking that could possibly allow for a space production free of limitations and imposed restrictions. 

This thesis was funded by the Greek State Scholarships Foundation (I.K.Y) 


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