by Steve Bisson

During Rencontres Photographiques d’Arles L’Artiere opens, for a week, its “Pop-up” bookshop at the centre of the town to present its first collection including limited edition monographs (first edition of 500 copies) and special edition slipcases (25 copies + prints numbered and signed by the artist). Among these L'Artiere Collection Issue N.9 Max Pam "Promises To Keep" Curated by Laura Serani. L’Artiere Bookshop will present also the works of its collaboration with Urbanautica and Champion Photobooks a new collection created in collaboration with curator Rodrigo Orrantia. 


7th JULY 2016: URBANAUTICA DAY @ L'Artiere Bookshop 

Urbanautica with L'Artiere publishing welcome you to URBANAUTICA DAY. An opportunity to meet with the curators of the journal, attend the presentation of the new book 'After Morandi' by Gary Green and enjoy the preview installation of the work 'Landscape Materials' by Edoardo Hahn. Join L'Artiere Bookshop at the beautiful pop-up space in rue des Arènes, for this special event, learn more about Urbanautica, their books, projects and overall contributions to photography!

- Opening of the installation 'Landscape Materials' by Edoardo Hahn
11h00 AM – 01h00 PM / 02h00 PM – 07h30 PM
- Book signing with Edoardo Hahn at 5h00 pm
- Steve Bisson curator and founder of Urbanautica presents 'After Morandi' by Gary Green at 18h00PM



The result of an artistic pilgrimage to the home and studio of the Italian painter Giorgio Morandi, this new artist’s book by Gary Green is more than a mere tribute. Titled After Morandi, the book presents a real encounter, a dialogue, from which sprang this grouping of photographs that interpret rather than describe Morandi’s artistic legacy. In notes at the end of the book, Green tells us the project was intended as a conversation with the work of Morandi and, that while some of the photographs present a direct response to that, Green hopes that most of them connect more tangentially through materials, objects, and geography. This work by Gary Green, American photographer and educator, is not didactic but capable instead of inspiring memory and capturing beauty.

Images of the book 'After Morandi' by Gary Green, new issue of Urbanautica Collections



Landscape Materials by Edoardo Hahn is a pioneering book. A courageous work that challenges its own function. The landscape is not something whose borders we can control, and define unambiguously the context. We should radically reject the claim, all human, to rationalize the landscape, or to describe it, to own it, to set it aside. The landscape is fractal, its meaning is impalpable and slips like sand between your hands. It seems to make fun of those who are looking at it. Images fly away from the page and perhaps from our own understanding. As if a book is no longer enough to contain them. The author disappears into the landscape, accepting the natural complexity of things, their randomness. No page, no photography is more important than the others because they vibrate together, without arrogance, without shortcuts or unnecessary graphic premeditation.

© Edoardo Hahn, 'Landscape Materials' installation preview



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Urbanautica Collections are available also at Cosmos Arles Books, a satellite space at the heart of the Rencontres d’Arles, taking place during the opening week of the festival, from the 4th until the 9th of July 2016. Having been an independent space first, and since last year a part of the official program, Cosmos - created and directed by Olivier Cablat and Sebastian Hau – is a laboratory of contemporary practices in photography, edition and visual art. Since eight years multiplicty and singularity have been it’s guiding principles, as much as celebrating books and editions as one of the central mediums in photography since more than fifteen years.

L'Artiere will be @ Cosmos Monday 4th of July 
Ancien collège Frederic Mistral
Access by rue Condorcet
12h-20h Free entrance



L’Artiere Bookshop
11h00 AM – 01h00 PM / 02h00 PM – 07h30 PM 
FROM 04 TO 10 JULY 2016
26, rue des Arènes - 13200 Arles


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